Ground transportation services

Wadsy Company specializes in bulk cargo logistics and road transport logistics. Our expertise in both logistics and bulk cargo inspection is well established and has succeeded in building a flexible road freight fleet by developing a network of trusted transportation professionals.

Safe Shipping Packaging Services

Woodsey Company provides integrated shipping and packaging services and we are distinguished by safe packaging tools as packaging is a large field in the field of shipping and we are keen on packaging shipments with the best quality and with a team specialized in the field of packaging of all kinds

Necessary work is done for shipments and personal items to protect them from any damage, as well as commercial shipments and goods are of our concern.

And we have high skill in safe packaging such as: -

* Liquid packaging.

* Packaging fragile items.

* Heavy equipment packaging.

* Creating boxes to ensure the preservation of heavy weight shipments.

* And all safe packaging supplies.

We can also provide goods packaging service at the customer’s site, whether he has goods for shipment or for storage in his warehouse.

We have a specialized team working abroad and on demand in the official working hours to receive the goods or packaging on site.

We are ready to receive any number of shipments for packaging, whether personal items, commercial goods or heavy equipment, and do not hesitate to contact us at any time via Bodsey contact numbers.

Receipt from stores


Receiving all movables related to the work of companies and factories from warehouses and transporting them to anywhere inside and outside the Kingdom as desired by the customer while ensuring quality and preserving the state of the movables


Follow-up and review of movables


The movables of our customers are among our priorities and preserving them is our responsibility, so we always care to review the movables and make sure that they are not exposed to any risks that affect them during transportation.


Trailers of roofs


Trailer, heavy transport, surfaces of different lengths and weights, from the fleet of Transport Partners, Woodsey Company, which makes it easy for customers to transport heavy loads and is suitable for road transport in all parts of the Kingdom


Trailat cotenrates


Trailer, heavy transport, containers of different lengths and weights from the fleet of Woodsy's partners, which facilitate the customers to transport heavy loads for land transport and deal with ports inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Religions of different sizes


Religions of all categories and different sizes only from the partners of the Woodsy Land Transport Company, and they are available in tonnage weights as follows: 4 tons / 6 tons / 10 tons


Refrigerated transport trucks


A variety of heavy-duty, inter-transportation, and light-transport transportation of all types of refrigerated transport is available only with Woodacy's partners


Woody cars for parcel transportation and light transportation


For light transportation and parcel delivery between cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can only find it with Woodacy's partners