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Our employees direct customer requests at a high speed to communicate with airlines and obtain the best available prices and present them directly to air transport customers. As for transportation through shipments within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the price is given through the site and through our employees directly


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Why Wadsy

WADSY is distinguished by many advantages that concern our customers, which aims at price - time - safety for the shipment and that is at the distinct prices that we get and the skill of our highly experienced staff in dealing with shipments with professionalism and confidence to ensure their safety and follow-up until their departure to their destination


Fast communication

WADSY has created many communication channels to enable our customers to quickly communicate to fulfill their requests in a short time, via fixed and mobile phones, direct website and e-mail.

Notifications of all new

The Wadsy company is introducing new systems, opening offices, providing services and opportunities, provided that the customer is aware of all new developments.


High performance technology

One of the most important goals of Wadsy is to work on developing digital work in all the company's business, such as sending the order, receiving the shipment and tracking it until its delivery.

Get to know wadsy

WADSY is considered one of the most important land and air transport companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to the regularity in obtaining the necessary permits from the regulatory authorities and organizations in the Kingdom, and the high expertise of the work teams in the land and air logistics field, thanks to the geographical spread in the main areas and high potential for safe and fast operation


wadsy News

WADSY signed an agreement to transfer the shipments of Post Telecom Company to all regions of the Kingdom. WADSY also signed an agreement to transport shipments and products of medical drugs to the Medicinal Pharmaceutical Company, with specialized trucks, to and from the Kingdom’s regions. Woodsy signed a contract to transport Al-Khuraiji perfumes' shipments to be distributed to different regions of the Kingdom WDSI signed a contract to transport and distribute the products of the Saudi Furniture Company to all regions of the Kingdom. Wadsi is working on signing a contract to own new trucks with Riyada

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